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Issue cards & accounts under your own brand name

Explore our seamless digital platform for unparalleled guidance in managing your finances effectively.

Join us now for a unique and complete digital banking experience!

Boost your business. 

With user accounts, cards, transactions and more!


Get onboard the HOPPA! Platform today.

Perfect solution for

Crypto exchanges and crypto startups

Gaming, Gambling and betting

Banks and NEO Banks

Remittance and salary

Loyalty and reward businesses

Large businesses and high-volume cards

Business models with large consumer base

Cards and IBAN accounts​

Seamlessly integrate financial products and services into your business.

Enhance user experience by offering accounts and cards in your application or app.

On- and Off-Ramp

Enable your users to top-up accounts with SEPA, SEPA Instant and SWIFT

Additional TOP-UP options with 520+ payment methods WorldWide

Accept Card Payments and enjoy instant transfers with provided liquidity

Integration and Onboarding

Use ready-made platform to launch in days

Integrate HOPPA's services into your system via API and SDK.

Launch in as few as 6 weeks!

Transactions and Payments

Enjoy instant transactions between your business and your users.

Offer reliable SEPA and SWIFT transactions to your users.

Integrate payments with 3rd party merchants and providers.

KYC: Onboard your users under 3 min

Simplify user onboarding with a reliable and fast KYC

Reduce friction for your customers and boost engagement.

Highest conversion and pass-through rate in the industry.

Introducing Instant Top-Up for your your Cardholders

Benefit from enabling your users with a Instant account top-up using Diverse Payment Methods and Seamless Experience.

We're excited to announce a groundbreaking enhancement to our services – the Instant Top-Up feature!

Hoppacard users and Hoppacard empowered co-brands can now effortlessly recharge their multicurrency IBAN accounts using a wide array of payment options. From traditional cards like VISA, MasterCard, and Discover to digital wallets including Apple Pay and Google Pay, and even global alternatives such as UnionPay, JCB, and more, your liquidity is just a tap away.

Experience the convenience of near-instant transactions at minimal costs, designed to keep you moving in a fast-paced world.

Added value services and APPs

Feature-rich financial services and application.

Value added services for VIP tiers: Insurance, Concierge, Rewards and more

Enhance user satisfaction and retention.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits with Us

Crypto exchanges and crypto startups

Multicurrency IBAN accounts, Cards, Crypto exchange, Mobile Applications, and seamless integration. Co-branded to your Company.

Fast to start, Easy to integrate

Get live as fast as 6 weeks and avoid the technical and regulatory hurdles. HOPPA! is a well-thought-out, ready-to-go platform and API that effortlessly blends with your existing services.

Effortless Onboarding Process

Avoid onboarding delays, both for you and your clients. User-friendly onboarding with a global reach and automatic sharing of KYC data across all stakeholders makes the onboarding fast and once-for-all.

Priority Support and Management

Receive priority support and management in all steps, from onboarding, setup, and implementation to testing and getting you live. HOPPA! supports you across the scope, including live support and end-user helpline.

And your service offering!

Add-on services, Insurance products, pricing strategy programs, and sponsorship options.

Get Live, Fast!

6 weeks* from onboarding services, setup to product.​


We align business goals and onboard your company.


Products, services, legal, commercials for your market fit, milestones.


White branding the Platform and Apps, Implementation, Tests.


Set up user support, Marketing, Launch!